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Creating And Protecting Intellectual Property

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The Athletic Department at State University has created numerous  logos and designs for use in its merchandising program. For each logo  and design, State University Athletics has sought and received federal  trademark registration.

The athletic department has recently hired  your team to oversee the merchandising program and to develop a  licensing program for the marks and logos of State University Athletics.  Upon your arrival, you discover that dozens of business, charitable  organizations, and schools are using the marks and logos throughout the  state.


In about of 400 words, address the following and  outline a strategy for preventing unauthorized use of State  University’s logo.

  1. Assuming the use of the logo is  unauthorized, what must State University show in order to prevail if it  decided to pursue trademark infringement action against these users, and  how would such a showing be made?

I do not need a intro or conclusion just 2-3 references 

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