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CRASH Film Analysis Assignment

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This is the most powerful assignment this semester questioning ALL that has been studied. This is shown in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication courses at universities.

Created in 2004, Crash is a multi-cultural story of how lives CRASH together. This film, created 16 years ago still pertains today and ESPECIALLY now.  Your assignment is to view the film in its entirety, answer the questions using examples from the film with concepts learned in class and recognize what you learned is vital to effective and appropriate communication skills. You will see how communication can increase or terminate relationships in this film.

For ANY reason, if you are not familiar with the film, it’s character names or language I HIGHLY suggest you google the film, get a feeling for the names BEFORE watching the film AND use closed captioning/ subtitles when watching. This is rated R. This contains issues not suitable for children under the age of 17. If you are under 17 please contact me by private email. 

There is a lot going on in this film.  Emotions will play a large part as well so have check your emotional intelligence. Watch with a critics eye looking to match your knowledge from this class to particular scenes. 

I do not have rights to the film to provide a copy of it to you. You can search streaming services and sites for a free copy or rent a copy from a rental service. This film is usually shown in class and will be allocated as part of the classwork time for this week.  

THESE ARE SHORT ANSWERS. PLEASE BE AS CONCISE ( To the point with as few words as possible) 

                                                     Analysis Questions for Crash                

Question  # 1

Choose any  3 Main characters. State how  they are in private self and their public self ( this is clear for many characters)  

Question # 2

Provide 2 strong examples of “perceptions” that is viewed among/by the characters at the start of the film.( how they are seen by each other).  At the end of the film did these perceptions hold true for the characters examples you provide? ( for example Sandra bullock at the start and sandra bullock at the end of the film.. did your perceptions of her ( maybe evil) hold on until the end or did your perception change of her).  

Question # 3

List 2 specific scenes where nonverbal communication was powerful to convey a message? What was the scene and the nonverbal used to convey the message? 

Question # 4

List 2 examples in the film that show how being from different ethnic cultures play a role in communicating appropriately and/or effectively. (Intercultural communication class delves into this much more).  

Question # 5    Choose one scene to show how communication is within family members is conveyed?

Question # 6    List 3 examples / scenes when poor listening skills were used. Name the scene, the content, context and the poor listening habit. Be specific. 

Question # 7  Choose 3 scenes where emotional state of mind impacted the communication. State the scene and how the emotional state  impacted the communication interaction and outcome. 

Question # 8  List 5 words used in the film that could have had a better word choice for effective / appropriate communication. ( Example : Car Chase :  Word used: Stupid  –   More Appropriate choice; Inconsiderate )  State the scene, the word, the response ( Verbal and / or Nonverbal). 

Question # 9   Choose one scene to show how  communication is within friendship is conveyed using concepts from the chapter readings and lecture.  You must state the characters, the content and context and the outcomes of that interaction. Does the friendship grow or weaken with these characters at the end of the film. 

Question # 10   Explain how does this film shed light on interpersonal relationship climates as discussed in the textbook reading?

Question # 11     What scene shocked or that stood out for you the most? Why? 

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