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Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

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Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment


Giving is a powerful tool for companies and organizations in a calculated public relations program and long-term investing. Most consumers are more likely to buy a product associated with a cause and have a more positive image of a company they believe makes the world a better place.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporate strategy that looks at how the business can better serve society. These can target moral issues such as environmental protection and animal testing to more ethical acts like charitable fundraisers. The general aim is to improve public relations and the firm’s brand image and act the company acts as a good citizen.

Corporate Philanthropy refers to the activities a company voluntarily undertakes to responsibly manage and account for its impact on society. An example of philanthropy is giving money to charity and volunteering.

As per Marconi J.(2002), Cause marketing is the action through which a company, a nonprofit organization, or a similar entity markets an image, a product, a service, or a message for mutual benefit.

Downy fabric softener’s cause marketing program donated thousand of blankets to hospitalized children.

As per Kotler Keller (2009), Cause marketing can build brand awareness, enhance brand image and establish brand credibility, call up brand feelings, create a sense of brand community, and motivates the employee.

The company that impresses me is Starbucks. Only a small number of TV adverts points to a transgender person. Starbucks launched, WhatsYourName in the 2020 campaign that presents the journey of a young trans person changing their name. 

The advert illustrates the story of James, who does not identify with his birth name, Jemma. Drawing on the real-life Starbucks experience (Usually asking customers their name), James finds acceptance and reassurance in his new identity.

Starbucks LGBT+ Channel 4 Diversity Award 2019 | Every name’s a story (Extended Version)

For the profit brand;

Climate change represents significant immediate and long-term risks to coffee farmers worldwide. Starbucks has incorporated agricultural methods into its products. Practices that help reduce emissions, improve carbon storage through shade and conservation areas, and proactively manage climate risks from pests and disease. Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

The Charity;

In 2020, the Starbucks Foundation donated one million dollars to Neighborhood Grants to promote racial equality.


My hypothetical company is selling wall art.

For the profit brand

My company is using paperless invoices to help the environment.

For the Charity,

My company is donating ten percent of the profit of each purchase to Support American Art.

I choose this community because it has focused on infusing the arts into all places of American society. This community serves and leads diverse organizations and individuals who cultivate and support America’s arts and arts education.

My consumers are involved as ten percent of their purchases will be donated to this community.


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-Kotler Keller,(2009) A framework for marketing management.

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