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Corporate Governance Law LAWS5036 Assessment

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Corporate Governance Law LAWS5036 Assessment

This is the Final Assessment for LAWS5036. This assessment represents 40% of the Final Grade for the unit. The assessment is due through Turnitin on Sunday, the 5th of November, at 11.59 pm. Corporate Governance Law LAWS5036 Assessment
• Assessment should be submitted as a Word document via Turnitin on iLearn.
• Word Count – 2,500 words excluding footnotes.
• Footnotes should only be used for references. No substantive material in footnotes will be marked.
• Do not include a bibliography.
• Referencing must be AGLC4 compliant.
• Provide a header on the assessment that states which of the two themes your
guidance note addresses.

The Board of Directors of a major Australian Firm operating in the forestry sector in Australia and internationally (“The Firm”) has identified two key themes that they feel require consideration as part of their ongoing business strategy. They have asked you to provide a guidance note addressing one of these themes (select onlyone):
A. Environmental protection and supporting the energy transition.
B. Protecting and advancing global human rights.
The guidance note will be used by the Board to develop The Firm’s Ethical Business Framework, to advance The Firm’s stated purpose:
“To be an industry leader in sustainable and ethical practices within the forestry sector and to leverage this advantage to outperform competitors and deliver significant Return on Investment (RIO) to shareholders.” Additional information that may assist you in developing your guidance note includes the following:
– The Firm is incorporated under the Australian Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
– The Firm engages in forestry activities (plantation management, harvest,
processing and sale) in NSW and VIC, as well as internationally in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.
– The Firm is a household name in Australia and is publicly listed on the ASX.
– The firm sells its timber products (both raw logs and processed wood products) domestically in Australia, as well as exporting to key consumer markets, most notably the European Union and the United States. Your guidance note should address the following questions:
1. Considering the above information, what do you identify as the primary
governance risks for The Firm related to your chosen theme? (20 points)
2. How might both internal governance practices mitigate these risks at
The Firm and through engagement with external governance frameworks or mechanisms currently exist in Australia and internationally? (40 points)
3. Having mitigated risk, how might the firm leverage internal and external governance practices and mechanisms to advance the chosen theme while delivering on its stated purpose? (40 points)


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