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Contingency Plan Discussion Assignment

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You are installing a new network and it includes an upgrade of software. Develop a contingency plan to mitigate risk for this event. The contingency plan must address the following elements:

  • Where should staff meet in the event the network is not accessible?
  • Who has the authority to initiate a contingency plan?
  • Which staff members are critical and must be on-site or always reachable?
  • Where are the back-ups and how are they restored to go back to the old version of software?
  • Who can cover for each critical staff member?
  • What are single points of failure and how can those risks be ameliorated?
  • What systems, vendors, and partners pose risk should they fail?
  • Who is responsible for communicating with customers, and how?

Submission details

  • This paper should be approximately 3–4 pages in length, using Microsoft Word. Add this to Submissions Areapaper.
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