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Consumer Behavior Short Questions Discussion

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1. Answer in at least 150 words.  Reply to at least two peers with at least 75 words. 

1.1. Describe the relationship between consumer behavior and customer value, satisfaction, trust and retention

1.2. Think of YOUR top three favorite ads – commercials, magazine ads, or on digital/social media platforms.. Describe them to us.

1.3. What do they have in common?  What do these ads say about YOU as a consumer, what type of marketing appeal works best on you?

4 – There are debates about the ethics of the “Free web”. This is sites such as Facebook, Google, and even Amazon that use your account to track your info and sell it to marketers. Think about all the info that these sites know about you! Your age, gender, location, relationship status, what pages you “like”, words you use, articles you read, items you buy…

Your discussion question is this:

4.1 – Do you think it is ethical of these companies to sell your data? Why or why not? 

4.2 If given the option to not have your data sold, would you be willing to pay to use the site instead? If so, how much> If not, why not?

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