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Construction Economics Assignment

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Topic: The effects of global financial crisis on the construction industry in Australia (or NSW)

Professional Report Length: 3000 words

Report The aim of this assignment is for you to critically examine the diverse and important economic issues facing the construction industry. You are encouraged to read about the industry extensively and to discuss with your teammates on a regular basis. The assignment will also provide you with an opportunity to further develop both your oral and written communication skills, which are essential to your current or future practice in the industry.

Professional Report (30%) The submission must be a professionally written report. The report should be prepared jointly by all team members and will be assessed as team work. The report should be AT LEAST 3,000 words in length (excluding references and appendices). Page numbers are mandatory. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment with the teaching staff and other team members. The use of illustrations such as figures and tables, and other graphical information is encouraged to aid in your explanation and enliven your writing as well as to aid in the assessors understanding of the report. You should also use headings (including main and sub-headings) where appropriate to effectively structure and organise the various sections of your report. The words you choose for the main and sub-headings should be able to succinctly reflect what you are trying to express in the various sections of the report. Remember, the report must be written in a logical and systemic format, which can be easily understood for assessment.

You may use the following outline as a guide for the writing of your report. You may adapt or change the words and/or add more main and sub-headings to suit your report.

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • [Add your subheadings to overview your assigned topic]
  • [Add your subheadings to analyze relevant issues]
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Apeendixes

As well as content and structure, referencing correctly is equally important. Your report does not have to be overly referenced. However, the source of the information referred to in your report should be made clear. You must adopt the Harvard style for referencing.

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