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Conflicts and Chaos Within Society

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Instructions: Read the abstract below which will guide you during the answering of the questions


In our world today, it seems no matter where you look (or from what frame of reference) there is chaos and conflict happening on many fronts. For this discussion we will be looking at issues in our society and how utilizing effective communication skills/tools could possibly bring about resolution or at least help them be managed better. Thus, I would like you to:


1) Choose a specific situation or incident that illustrates the dynamics of intercultural communication. The situation should revolve around an actual event or set of events in which individuals or groups from different cultural backgrounds experience a difficulty, misunderstanding, problem, or clash of ideas or positions, in which cultural differences play an important role. The situation can come from personal experience, news articles, media documentaries, or published case studies.

Examples of situations include, but are not limited to: health care reform, Black Lives Matter, transgender equality, gun control, environmental protection, euthanasia, prison system reform, systemic racism, etc.

(2) Briefly explain the sides of the issue – including the perspectives of those involved. Also, concisely explain the events that have taken place up to this point. Here you are not giving your opinion on the topic, but instead just giving your audience (your fellow classmates) the material for informational purposes. 

(3) Analyze the situation based on Intercultural Communication theory and researchChoose 2 communication terms you believe could be important for understanding the situation, and make recommendations about how the situation can be managed and/or resolved productively if the sides were to use these successful communication approaches. Thus, I want you to weave these terms into your description of how the sides might see a little more eye to eye.

A good place to look for your 2 terms is past Exam Review sheets. 

I am looking for about 2-3 good paragraphs for this post. Here is an example:

If I chose abortion to be my topic then I would start by explaining both the pro-life and pro-choice views, mention Roe vs. Wade, maybe past events with Planned Parenthood, and also any new legislation being proposed (at the state or federal level). Next, I would explain how my 2 chosen terms – Individualistic Culture and Empathy can be used to help the two sides understand one another more. I would write about our Individualistic Culture here in America and how women believe they have a right to a say about their bodies. I would write about empathy for the unborn child and also for the mothers who get abortions (looking at how they are emotionally affected by the experience). I might weave in some science and spiritual observations too. When you get to the communication theory recommendation/solution part of your post, it is then appropriate for you to weave in a bit of personal opinion (as you most likely will lean to one side or another). 

Topics not allowed: abortion, same-sex marriage, death penalty. Let’s get some fresh topics to discuss!

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