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Concepts Related to Victim

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Instructions: approach the folloeing assignment which entails investigating a crime

Assignment: Investigating a Crime: Phase II – Concepts Related to the Victim

Please use victims name and document the picture by number 

Phase II of the criminal investigative analysis process continues with a focus on the victim. Victimology is evaluated in three stages:

  • Pre-Offense – All information providing insight on such things as:
    • Victim selection
    • Victim risk level (high/low)
    • Possible relationship to offender
  • Offense – All information providing insight on such things as:
    • Victim actions during offense
    • Nature of the offense
    • Relationship to offender
  • Post-Offense – In homicides, actions by offender can sometimes provide insight into:
    • Motivations
    • Offender/victim relationship

In a 2- to 3-page analysis of the victim include:

  • Pre-offense behavior
  • Offense behavior
  • Post-offense behavior victimology
  • Victim risk level
  • Victim/offender dynamics


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  • Chapter 7, “Forensic Victimology” (pp. 163–187)
  • Chapter 8, “Sexual Deviance” (pp. 187–212)
  • Chapter 9, “Sexual Asphyxia” (pp. 213–234)
  • Chapter 10, “False Reports” (pp. 235–252
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