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concept of Globalization and its history

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Part A. (15 marks)

Project – Report on Globalization

  • Prepare 2000-2500 words Report on Globalization. Following topics MUST be discussed with supporting data and graphs.
  • Explain concept of Globalization and its history as well.
  • What is need, significance and characteristics of globalization.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  • Share of top 10 countries in global GDP and international trade (table, graph and description).
  • Prepare 5 years data tables and graphs separately with Exports and Imports.
  • Impact of globalization on Canadian economy (economic and social).
  • (Any other aspect of Globalization you think is relevant)
  • Provide proper references using APA Style.

Part B; (10 marks)

Video Recording

  • Record a video with duration of 4-5 minutes. Video should not be more or less than mentioned duration. Violation will result into losing marks.
  • Explain your report in the video.

Send video or link at

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