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Computer Usage and Security Guidelines

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Guidelines for prevention and control of computer abuse

Computers within the organization are supposed to be used for the benefit of the organization. When the employee uses it for personal benefit, they will be abusing the computer. To spell out the potential consequences of misuse, the company should input a security policy. The security policy should include procedures to prevent and detect abuse and guidelines for conducting employee investigations. The company should make sure the policy limit access to and spreading of personal data about it employees. The policy should spell out the consequences of misusing company resources.

The company should investigate anomalous activities by collecting reams of log data from the internet-facing servers. The organization should implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) to manage its business processes. Because the processes run continuously, ERP produces a massive log of operations. Once they get the log files, they are left with the often-difficult task of sorting through them for suspicious activity.

Companies using Microsoft’s Active Directory service can use group policies to lock down desktops across their enterprise. The organization can change each of internet Explorer’s zones to enforce the use of the organization’s content filtering internet representative. In addition, make certain access rights to network folders are put in on a strict need-only basis.

Guidelines for computer and network usage

Accompanying that privilege is an obligation on the part of employees to understand and abide by the responsibilities and regulations that govern the organization. This guidelines reflect the general ethical principles of the company and indicate the duties ingrained in the organization. Employees are responsible for correct and sufficient use of the tools each computer system provides for maintaining the security of stored information. Computer and network access accounts are assigned to individual users for their exclusive use and should not be shared with others. The company should secure its funds by using an obscure account password and should change the password frequently. The employee should understand the level of protection each computer system applies to files and boost that protection. Computing and networking resources should be used only following the recommendation indicated within. Examples of inappropriate and unsatisfactory use of computer and network resources include Harassment of other employees, destruction of equipment belonging to the company, and use of computers and network facilities in ways that hinder the computing activities of other employees. Violation of the policies described preceding for the benefit of computing resources should be dealt with seriously.

Network performance management should determine the device that uses the most bandwidth, which will make employees fear visiting personal websites. On the other hand, can use network restriction to reduce network access usage. If one user takes over the bandwidth, Network performance management will detect it and alert the network operator team. An employee should not connect personal devices to the company network.

Use and prevention of spread malware

Installing anti-virus software is one the most important ways to protect against malware. Anti-virus software will protect your device from malicious software that poses a warning to the system. It scans the computer to detect and clean the malware and provides an automatic update to enhance protection against viruses. In addition, anti-virus software ensures that your software is regularly updated to stop viruses from gaining access to your computer. Buying apps from reliable sources reduces the chance of your device being infected with malware. You are avoiding clicking on suspicious links or download attachments from unknown sources. Phishing scams trick people into opening links that may appear to come from a legitimate business. The use of a firewall is another way of protecting your device from malware. A firewall prevents hostile attacks by blocking all unofficial access to or from the private computer network. It’s essential to back up regularly to ensure that you can still recover all your valuable data and files if the device is affected by malware.

Government laws and regulations on business operations

Government regulation on marketing and advertising ensures every business has complied with the truth in advertising laws regulated. The government set business regulation to protect employees’ rights, protect the environment, and hold the corporation accountable for the amount of power they have in business. This regulation affects business either positively or negatively; some are protected while may harm others. Nevertheless, all companies are held to the same standards of agreement and adhere to rules and regulations, and statutes to safeguard safety, fairness, and a competitive business environment. Government regulations have expanded significantly over past years, promoting business complaints that interventions hinder growth and efficiency. Some interventions help private sectors by providing clear guidelines, loans, and advice to the business. This regulation can increase the power of dominant and abusive firms if the policymakers are not careful when creating the new rules.

Employees’ rights and organizations’ responsibilities about government law and regulations

Employees have rights and responsibilities toward their employers, even if they work part-time or don’t have a written contract with their employers. The employee should be responsible for doing the work they hired them to do and be careful and severe. They should avoid putting themselves or others to endangerment by following the employer’s instructions. Employees have the right to receive equal pay for equal work. Employees should not be harassed or discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, or genetic information. Organizations must give their employees a place to work, make sure they have access to it, and pay them the salary and benefits they agreed to.


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