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Computer Study Discussion Assignment

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Computer Study Discussion Assignment


Post to the discussion board at least one time before Wednesday, then post again on another day. Discuss one of the topics below without repeating what another student posted. You may answer another question, reply to me, or reply to another student for your second post, but you must add useful information. Use at least three sentences but no more than two paragraphs. “I agree” does not count as a sentence. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling and cite your work. Please see the links in the “Start Here!” folder for the correct procedures to use when citing.

  • Discuss the evolution of the Internet
  • Briefly describe various broadband Internet connections
  • Describe the purpose of an IP address and its relationship to a domain name
  • Describe features of browsers and identify the components of a web address
  • Describe ways to compose effective search text
  • Explain benefits and risks of using online social networks
  • Describe uses of various types of websites: search engines; online social networks; informational and research; media sharing; bookmarking; news, weather, sports, and other mass media; educational; business, governmental, and organizational; blogs; wikis and collaboration; health and fitness; science; entertainment; banking and finance; travel and tourism; mapping; retail and auctions; careers and employment; e-commerce; portals; content aggregation; and website creation and management. Computer Study Discussion Assignment
  • Explain how the web uses graphics, animation, audio, video, and virtual reality
  • Explain how email, email lists, Internet messaging, chat rooms, online discussions, VoIP, and FTP work. Identify the rules of netiquette
  • Use APA format, double space, new times roman
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