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Computer Networking Assignment

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Vocational Scenario or Context

You have taken a job as a junior network engineer at a company that designs and installs networks for organisations. Your supervisor has asked you to design a network in a small branch office of one of its customers. The network requires a server and 3 workstations connected by a wired network, and should also provide WiFi access. Internet access and remote terminal access should also be provided. The network will require 2 groups of users (managers and assistants) each with their own shared folder.  The managers’ group should have full access to the assistants’ shared folder but the assistants should have no access to the managers’ folder. The network should be scalable but dose not need high availability features. It should be secure and protected from common threats and should be easily maintained. Cost should be kept to a minimum while providing a reasonable level of performance.

Task 1

You will be evaluating a network design. To do this first you need to complete the following:

  • Create a network design to meet the customer’s requirements including:
    • A physical design with an explanation of component selection, network diagrams and physical layout l 
    • A logical design with IP addressing and naming schemes.
    • A written justification of the choices that you have made (hardware, toplogy, addressing schema)
  • Set up and configure the network following your design.
  • Test the network, completing a test plan, to ensure the functions the customer requires work as required.
  • An evaluation of the networks effectiveness against the set design criteria

Present evidence that you have shown individual responsibility, effective time-management in your design and development of a computer network. For example, you need to show how you have:

•    Planned and managed your time and met targets.

•    Behaved appropriately while completing the assignment – including professionalism, etiquette, supportive of others, timely and appropriate leadership, accountability and individual responsibility

  • Used appropriate methods of communication effectively
    • Checklist of evidence required
  • Design documentation
  • Written justification of design choices
  • Evidence of implementation (screenshots, photos etc.)
  • Evidence of testing
  • Evidence of individual responsibility and effective self-management in the planning and implementation of the network
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