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Company Communication Strategy Assignment

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Needs to be written in Chicago style.

In the task you will develop a communication strategy. You are free to choose a framework / outline,
but the task should at least contain a description of the current situation and
SOFT / SWOT analysis, target group definition (s), goal proposal, message suggestions (A1) and
proposals for instruments / measures and media.
There is no need to quantify the goals. Use the wording: After the campaign ends
x% of the target group have (type of goal).
The choices should be justified by relevant theory.

You are employed as a communications advisor in the IKEA Corporate Communications department.
IKEA is a Swedish-owned multinational furniture chain. The business idea is to offer such a large selection
form-fitting and home-made products at such low prices for so many people
As possible can afford to buy them.
IKEAS Vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. “
On its websites, the company writes that the vision includes nothing more than home furnishing,
but also to create a better everyday life for all people affected by the business.
For the financial year 2017, IKEA Group reports a total turnover of 34, 1 billion
euro. The company has 355 warehouses in 29 countries.

IKEA has recently started a company with the well-known architectural firm Snøhetta.
Communications Manager at IKEA, Jøril Korperud Johnsen describes the cooperation as follows:
“As the cooperation has evolved, we have seen that we complement each other very much
good way. IKEA is curious about everyday life in Norwegian homes, and wants to inspire and
surprise with good home decor solutions. Snowy job works to move the boundaries for
architecture and design, thus contributing to increased quality of life for people around the world. When this
combining, exciting professional cooperation is created that enables innovation and
innovation, for the benefit and benefit of most people.
Product Design Director in Snøhetta, Marsius Mykin emphasizes the similarities in the companies:
“Both IKEA and Snøhetta are keen to get good design for most people without
Dette skal være på bekostning af form og kvalitet. It is incredibly inspiring for us to be able to
do this I fellowship and learn from each other
A project at IKEA and Snøhetta cooperates with now the development of a new collection
with furniture. The collection is called exciting and bold and brings inspiration from
Nordic nature and wildlife. The name of the new furniture is Fauna.
The main market is a private home, but IKEA believes that the furniture series can take good care of
architectural offices, advertising agencies and similar creative environments.
Your mission is to develop a communication strategy for launching IKEA’s new series. I
Initially, the campaign will be directed to Norway. The strategy must be operational and
rooted in IKEAS values ​​related to environment and portability.

The strategy must be at least 500 words and maximum 700 words. The strategy must
Source coated.

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