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Companies Problems in Consumer Experiences

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General Instructions

We are learning about how to stage, or deliver, customer experiences. You now know that customer service is done at an individual level and creating experiences is an organizational effort involving many people and functional, mechanic, and humanic clues.

Given this, the question for this discussion is: What do you think are the three biggest challenges companies face if they decide to implement a culture of creating customer experiences? Your Opinion Voice your opinion in the main post and state three reasons to support your opinion. You are to form your own opinion and reasons and not just summarize articles you may have found online or those given in the video you watched. Incorporate the research you did into your reasoning.

In addition, keep in mind these requirements for your main post:  Support your reasons with at least two outside sources not given to you in this course.  Use in-text citations so we know where in your main post you use the information you found.  Include the URLs at the end of your post in case we want to read more from your source. 

Include at least one personal experience as part of your reasoning Main Post Guidelines (300-word minimum)  Your subject line should give us an indication of the content of the message Challenges Companies Face When Implementing a Customer Experience Culture 

Use the 5-Paragraph Format o Paragraph 1: Set the context. Then state your opinion and three reasons in a few words. IMPORTANT: The last sentence of the first paragraph should preview your three reasons in one sentence. “The three biggest challenges companies face when implementing a culture of creating customer experiences are: _______, _______, and ________.” o Paragraph 2: Explain Reason 1 o Paragraph 3: Explain Reason 2 o Paragraph 5: Explain Reason 3 o Paragraph 5: Summarize your message

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