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Community Policing Discussion Paper

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Community Policing/Discussion* The Future of Community Policing*

1. Describe your ideal candidate to be part of Community Policing on the police force in your area.

2.  Now that you’ve studied the concept, is Community Policing a realistic strategy? Why or why not?

Community Policing/Assignment 1500 words* The Future of Community Policing*

1. Why are police officers socially isolated? To whom is social isolationism the greatest problem: individual police officers, the police agency, or the community? Why?

2. A new breed of highly educated, dedicated, and concerned police officers has been attracted to policing in recent years. These individuals are crucial for the future success of community policing programs. Discuss what negative influences exist in the police culture that present potential impediments for these officers and police agencies using community policing.

3. Describe and discuss Robert Trojanowicz’s vision of Neighborhood Community Policing Centers. Have these centers materialized?

4. Discuss the future of community policing, according to the authors. Do you agree with the authors’ conclusions about the status of policing today? Why or why not?

Investigation Of Organized Crimes/Controlling Organized Crime (Discussion)

1.Explain, in your opinion, how society can improve its understanding of organized crime in order to formulate more workable public policies regarding it. Or, explain why you think all efforts are futile.

2.Do you agree with the U.S.Supreme Court’s ruling in Tina B. Bennis v. Michigan? Do you think the punishment was excessive given that the crime is often called “victimless”? Explain your stance.

Investigation Of Organized Crimes/Controlling Organized Crime (Assignment 2000 Words)

1.Discuss the role of the police in combating organized crime. Explain what methods they use and how they arrest and bring in convictions for these criminals. Also include your opinion on whether these methods are useful in controlling organized crime, what you think should be done differently, and why.

2.Explain in what ways organized crime investigations can encroach on the personal freedoms of U.S. citizens and outline the specific freedoms in jeopardy. If you were in charge of conducting such investigations, what would you do differently, and why?

3.Of all the legal initiatives discussed in this module, which do you believe are the most useful in combating organized crime, and why? Or do you believe there is no way to successfully combat it? Explain your reasoning.

4.Explain the ways in which undercover investigations and the use of informants pose special problems in controlling organized crime. What other methods would you suggest if you were a federal employee tasked with controlling organized crime?

Investigation Of White Collar Crimes/Computer Crime (Discussion 1500 Words)

1.Why is it appropriate to criminally prosecute hackers for simply breaking into government computers? Should we prosecute those who break into private corporation computers if no other criminal activity occurs? Explain your answer in detail.

2.Investigate Web sites that give advice on avoiding identity theft. What advice do they give on how to avoid being a victim?

3.Research and compare security tools that claim to protect home and enterprise internet operations. Which were most effective and least effective?

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