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Community Group Project MGMT-270

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1. Define project scope, deliverables, and goals

2. Create broad statements about risks, approach, and timelines

3. Identify stakeholders

4. Assign project manager

General considerations:

Project life cycle: the project must follow the 5 steps of project life cycle including:

* initiation

* planning

* executing

* monitoring and controlling

* closing

Project framework: the project must follow the framework guidelines of project management

Community Need: the degree to which the proposed initiative overcomes existing obstacles to enhance accessibility, build rural capacity and meet community needs.

Operational Sustainability: the degree to which the proposed initiative is operationally sustainable, including ongoing support, maintenance and end-of-life considerations.

Project Sponsor and Budget: Coast Mountain College, $500

Note 1: Even though this is a group project, each team member must submit the final draft.

Note 2: As a group, please sign the Group Learning Contract and submit it on Brightspace with Community Group Project Part 1.

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