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College Admissions and Meritocracy

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 I need 10 ppt with speaker notes. 

Assignment #3: Create Podcast

For this assignment, students will become their own version of sports-talk radio by creating a podcast dealing college admissions and meritocracy. You are to create a podcast that explores a theme/topic/issue discussed this lesson’s assignments. These will be at least 5 minutes in length. Topics are open but make sure to integrate specifics from readings/film.  Make sure you talk about admissions, including the recent “scandal” alongside of the broader systemic issues, inequalities, and structural batters.  Think about what sort of narratives/frameworks exist surrounding college admissions and what gets lost through these prevailing ideas. 

Please keep in mind that a successful podcast will have a clear focus; will incorporate specific examples from class materials; will make connections between course materials and broader issues (this may come through link to something from news or from your own experience); and will present in a clear a dynamic way. 

You should map out what you plan to talk about before you start the podcast to create an outline.  Please submit outline, which should also include title, clarity as to focus of podcast, notation of argument, and examples/specifics from the book (be prepared)

Use whatever audio recording device available. Here is a link to website that provides additional information about available technology:

Grading breakdown is as follows:

  • 7 points – Clear argument, focus, and presentation (it should not just be 5 minutes of you randomly talking collegiate sports but offer a well-thought out argument/discussion; you will need to create an outline and prepare for the podcast)
  • 4 points – Incorporation of specifics from course material
  • 3 points – Evidence of critical thinking (this isn’t simply a summary of course materials)
  • 3 points – Submission of outline/map that includes title of podcast, highlight specifics, and shows preparedness 
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