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Clinical Leadership NRSG375 Essay

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Post 1 – Modules 1 & 2.

I don’t see the relevance of learning about clinical leadership now, as a third year student about to course complete. My focus is really about getting a grad year first. Reflect and discuss this for your online post (ensure you support your point of view with the contemporary literature). 

I  am in disagreement with the statement that there is no relevance in learning clinical leadership in third year. The relevance of learning clinical leadership cannot be disputed at any point not even when it’s ideal to learn it. I believe it is not only relevant but fundamental at that stage of any professional field there will always be a leader and good leadership is essential for the seemless……

. The skills and knowledge related to clinical leadership are essential not just for those who hope to be nurse leaders or in delegated positions of leadership, sometimes in a groups regular stuff one has to step up us team leader to delegate and supervise work by the others. Learning nursing leadership will not only equip learners with knowledge that comes in handy in their line of duty but it also ensure general improved health services to the community. With better leadership we get improved services  and hence improved quality. (Brown et al., 2016). The study of clinical leadership is an important part of the nursing curriculum. It helps  students to……


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