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Civil Procedure and Arbitration 200813

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Civil Procedure and Arbitration 200813

1,500 words (excluding footnotes)


A doctor from the 19th century walks into an Australian hospital and is amazed at the innovative world of personalized medicine, telehealth, cancer immunotherapy, 3D Printing and robotic surgery. In contrast, a lawyer from the previous century enters an Australian court is unimpressed; he notices the conservative judges sitting in the ornate courtrooms and tedious, long drawn procedures and paperwork.

Critically examine this statement in light of the Australian civil procedure (focusing on New South Wales).

Please note the following:

Civil Procedure and Arbitration 200813

  • Read the instructions in the Learning Guide and the criteria and standards (below) carefully before you start this assignment.
  • Your response must take the form of an essay.
  • Ensure that you consider all parts of this assignment.
  • As a research assignment, it is expected that your research will include materials beyond the prescribed reading and seminar materials.
  • Do not exceed the word limit. While footnotes are not included in the word limit, you should not include in the footnotes material, which ought to be in the body of the report.
  • Your report must contain a bibliography.
  • Please submit your research report on Turnitin.
  • Ensure that you include proper citations. Your method of citation does affect your marks.
  • Avoid long quotes in your report. Civil Procedure and Arbitration 200813 APA FORMAT
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