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Civil Law LAWS2008 Assignment

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Civil Law LAWS2008 Assignment

Essay question:
English law is said to have been ’received’ on the territory now known as Australia on 26 January 1788. What were
the implications of that reception for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ law? What role could a treaty
play in reversing those implications, and what limits might still exist on that reversal, given fundamental aspects of
the Australian governmental system such as parliamentary sovereignty and the rule of law?

Essay instructions:
Students are to produce a 2,000-word essay answering the above question and taking into account feedback and
other learnings received through Assessment 2 (Critical Review).
Plagiarism and other misconduct will be taken very seriously so please re-familiarise yourself with the Student Misconduct Rule and consequences before submitting.

Word length
A word limit of 2,000 words has been set, which excludes footnotes, titles and headings. The word limit will be
strictly enforced. There will be a 1-mark penalty for every 100 words – or part thereof – in excess of, or below, the
word limit

There are strict formatting requirements with which students are required to comply. The Unit Coordinator reserves
the right to refuse to accept assignments that are not submitted in accordance with these requirements:
– Do not manipulate the margins of the page
– Conform to a 12 point font in Arial
– Assignments must have 1.5 or double line spacing
– Ensure your full name and student number appear on the footer of each page
– Number all pages consecutively
– Use footnotes in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC)
– Do not provide a bibliography
– Do not provide a cover sheet (Turnitin generates one automatically)
Assignments must be referenced in accordance with the Melbourne University Law Review Association, Australian
Guide to Legal Citation (Melbourne University Law Review Association Inc., 4th ed, 2018). Students should refamiliarize themselves with the Student Misconduct Rule regarding plagiarism prior to submission.

Electronic submission
Students are required to keep a hard copy and electronic copy of all written work, which is submitted. The assignment
must be submitted electronically via the Assignment Turnitin link on the vUWS site for this unit. Please read the
Turnitin Instruction Manual prior to submission. Students may not hand in hard copies. No other method of
assignment submission will be accepted. Note: Check whether you are permitted to submit your assignment multiple
times or only once. Late assignments may be submitted only once. Please do not attach an assignment cover shee

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