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Christianity Religion In United States

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Christianity Religion In United States


The United States is a Christian country even though they are other religious practice in the United States.

According to Statista, “Christianity has been in the United States since before the U.S. was established as a country” (Statista,2021).

Settlers from Europe brought Christianity to American because their aim was to convert others into Christian.

Research has shown that Christianity is the largest religion in the United States (Statista,2021).

The American money reflects their belief in God as it bears the statement “in God we trust”. According to the Library of Congress “the Ministers believe with God’s help, America might become the principal seat of the glorious kingdom which Christ shall erect upon the earth in the latter days” (Library congress,2021).

American victory in the war with the British was seen as a sign of God’s partiality for America (Library congress,2021). Christianity Religion In United States

People also settle in the United States to escape the persecution of their denomination of Christianity in Europe (Statista,2021. ( Explain in own words 50 words)

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