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Characteristics of Epics Assignment

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In Unit 2, we’ve explored several epics. Epics share several characteristics, and one of those characteristics is the focus on a hero. In an essay, compare and analyze two epics from this unit. Your main goal is to explain the central characters are heroes for their time and country or people.

Your claims about characters should be supported with specific details from the stories. You should quote and/or paraphrase those details. Clearly cite those paraphrases and quotations. In addition, you should provide analysis of those quotes and paraphrases that help support your claims about the heroes.

Of course, no hero is perfect. When the heroes stumble of fail or if the hero doesn’t meet or partially meets all of the criteria normally attributed to epic heroes, be sure to explain those deviations from the typical epic hero characteristics.

In your analysis, find, read, and incorporate one scholarly source. Many scholars analyze individual literary heroes and epics; quote, paraphrase, or summarize from such a scholarly article as part of your analysis. You can agree, disagree, or partially agree with the scholar’s analysis.

Unit 2 Epics:1. “The Hero Twins” 2. “The Story of Cúchulainn”3.”The Epic of Gilgamesh”4.“The Odyssey”


Engagement with at least two epics from Unit 2

  • Brief summaries of the two stories you select
  • Clear analysis of the stories
  • Clear comparisons between stories
  • A discussion of the significance of each story
  • Use language appropriate for literature (characters, plot, symbols, audience, etc)
  • Find, evaluate, and use at least one scholarly source to support your analysis. The scholar may analyze epics broadly, analyze an epic we explored in this unit, or discover epic narrative in a specific era. You must make a connection between the scholar’s claims and your ideas.

3-4 pages of writing + a reference page

  • Double spaced
  • 12 pt font
  • 1” margins

MLA or APA citations (in text and on the reference page)

  • Your reference page should contain at least three entries (two stories + one scholarly source)
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