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Career Profile Discussion Assignment

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  1. Download Career Profile & Career Coach Assessment Word Document
  2. Follow the instructions to
    1. find the Career Center Course that has been assigned to you
    1. navigate to the Career Center Overview 
    1. review the Career Coach Video
    1. navigate to “1. Let’s Begin”, and complete the Student Career Profile  (Be sure to click Save and Continue)
    1. navigate to the Toolkit
  3. In the Toolkit, click on the ePortfolio and add your headshot
  4. When you are done working on your portfolio and watching the video, complete the Word document worksheet:
    1. Connect with your career coach in-person, by phone or email.  Schedule a Meeting to discuss the information you entered on the Student Career Profile and decide on a schedule to connect throughout your program at Herzing University.
    1. Obtain Lifecycle Working with Career Development from your career coach.
    1. Reflect on and respond to these questions:
      1. What did you learn from completing the student profile?
      1. How do you think your Career Coach can help you achieve your goals?

Submit the following two (2) documents to this assignment:

  • Lifecycle Working with Career Development document you received from your Career Coach 
  • Career Profile & Career Coach Assessment Word Document with your responses to the reflection questions 

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