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Capsim Decision Record Assignment

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Capsim Decision Record

Directions: This document is intended to help you record your thoughts as you apply your team’s chosen strategy through the rounds in Capsim. The notes you take here will be useful for your final analysis. Find your assigned department below. Listed in each department are the action items given in Capsim: A Systematic Approach to Making Strategic Decisions.

Explain your decisions for each action item in your department. Be sure to update this form after each round and evaluate your prior decisions.

Chosen strategy:

Research and Development

  • Speed
  • Example: For round 1, because my team chose a local niche differentiator strategy, I did not increase speed. Right now, speed seems to be in a good spot on the perceptual map. Next round, if the sweet spot changes more than 1 point, we might need to spend some money to improve speed.
  • Round 2, the spot on the round 2 perceptual map shifted but not enough (less than 1 point). So, we saved some money by not unnecessarily updating the speed.  I’ll keep it at this speed for one more round and see where this product is on the perceptual map.
  • Accuracy
  • Service Life


  • Regions Selected for Sales

For each region selected:

  • Price
  • Promotional Budget
  • Sales Budget
  • Forecast


  • Plant Location
  • Order
  • Capacity
  • Automation


  • Borrow
  • Issue (Borrow)
  • Retire
  • Issue
  • Buy Back
  • Issue Dividend
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