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Business Finance Assignment


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Student #1
My personal ethical code has been influenced by both my upbringing by my parents and the teachings of my faith. My parents taught me core values like respect and accountability, which they imparted through their actions and the moral lessons derived from our Christian beliefs. The principles of universal love and compassion ensure that I consistently prioritize the well-being of others, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. My personal ethics can conflict with various healthcare dilemmas, and it can be very challenging when trying to comply with the principles outlined in the APHA ethical code. A previous incident emphasized this clash when a friend visiting from out of state fainted on our way home from the airport. Concerned for her health, I rushed her to the hospital, only to be turned away from the ER because of HIPAA regulations. Business Finance Assignment
While I understood the importance of patient confidentiality under HIPAA, the principles of compassion, collaboration, and respect for individuals and communities are outlined in the APHA Code of Ethics (1). In this instance, I felt compelled to advocate for my friend’s care, explaining to the hospital staff that she was new in town and that I was responsible for her during her visit. Despite my efforts, I felt frustrated by the hospital’s strict adherence to HIPAA regulations, which prevented me from providing valuable support to my friend’s situation.
However, upon reflection, I realized that the hospital’s adherence to HIPAA regulations was in the best interest of my friend’s privacy and well-being because once my friend regained consciousness, she expressed her preference for privacy regarding her medical condition. This experience served as a reminder of the delicate balance between confidentiality and support in healthcare settings. Initially, I struggled with feeling excluded from my friend’s care, but I recognized the importance of upholding patient confidentiality and respecting their autonomy. That was a learning experience, and moving forward, I believe that by integrating the principles of privacy and compassion, if this situation were to happen, I would be prepared to apply the APHA ethical guidelines to enhance patient outcomes and promote a more holistic approach to healthcare delivery.Business Finance Assignment

Student #2

I believe my environment has influenced my principles. My ethical standards have been changing, and I am sure they will continue to change as I continue to experience life and go through ethical dilemmas. One value that holds importance to me is honesty. In healthcare, it is so easy to tell little lies and omit a little detail that could hurt the patient. When I was first starting my career in the pharmacy world, my first job was at a retail pharmacy. It was one of the worst professional experiences I had, but it also played a huge role in shaping my opinions.

A lot of uninsured individuals did not have insurance and did not speak English. The rule at the pharmacy set by the corporate office was that while we can accept GoodRx/discount cards, we cannot suggest them to the patients. So if an uninsured patient came to the pharmacy with a prescription for their kids and no goodrx card, they would pay cash. I hated this policy and seeing the desperate parents pay hundreds for a medication they could get cheaper elsewhere with a good card. Initially, I went with the store policy. Then as time went on, if they spoke my native language, I would tell them in my native language that they could get the medication so much cheaper with a discount card. And finally, realizing that the corporate policies are horrible to their patients and employees, I stopped caring and helped all patients and even looked up the discount cards. If the medication was cheaper elsewhere with the card, I would tell them to go to that pharmacy instead.

Another rule I learned and embraced during the retail torture period was the golden rule: Do unto others what you would have done unto you.” If a patient was a decent person and treated me with basic human decency, I would go above and beyond for them. If they were rude, well then I did the bare minimum for them. This is a rule I still live by. I will give everyone the same service regardless of manners. But if you are nice and ask nicely, I will go above and beyond to help you, even if it means being on the phone with the insurance company for hours.

My current role in healthcare does not have me make any complex healthcare decisions. But I think my ethics are enough for me to make a sound decision. From what I have observed, the main ethical dilemmas are surrounding errors made and admitting those errors. I have messed up a few times. and I always let my lead nurse know. “Hey I messed up, this is what we can do to fix it, is it okay, do I need to do anything else?” Letting the lead nurse know of the error and also my actions afterward where I find solutions to the errors shows that I am accountable and that she can trust me. Knowing my team trusts me is very important to me.

Trust, accountability, and transparency are ethical guidelines from the APHA Code of Ethics that have guided me whenever I run into a problem (APHA, 1). Recently a patient was scheduled for treatment but it was too soon for insurance to pay for it. If we had given the patient the treatment, she would have had to pay out of pocket. This is a costly medication. The initial error was our office’s fault for scheduling it too soon. We discovered this after the patient was accessed and ready to get medication. But we discovered it and talked to the patient and let her know what happened and how it was our fault. The patient understood and went home without treatment, and a future appointment was set when insurance would cover treatment. In this scenario, mistakes were made, but they were acknowledged. There was transparency which allowed the patient to maintain trust in her treatment team. APA FORMAT

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