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BSBCRT501 Originate and Develop Concepts

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Read the case study and answer the following questions
Business Plan
12 February 2021
Executive Summary
The Bright Academy is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with campuses
throughout Australia in a number of main capital cities. It offers over 120 certificates and
diploma level qualification in the vocational Education Sector (VET) for a number of subject
areas including business, community services, education, information technology, health,
hospitality, and many others.
This Business Plan outlines the development of new courses, new markets and growth of our
facilities and services to ensure that The Bright Academy continues to grow and provide a
model of ‘best practice’ to all its stakeholders.
We believe that in order to reach our goals, we must employ the following keys to success:
 Continue to develop quality resources in order to engage our students, empower them,
and inspire them to speak positively about their educational experience at The Bright
Academy as we believe ‘word of mouth’ is the best marketing tool we can have.
 Continue to provide our staff with quality professional development in order to assist
them to maximise their potential to be the best that they can be, and to retain them to
ensure we have a high performing, professional and collaborative team.
 Provide innovative services to our students to improve education standards.
Our Vision
 Continue to provide a quality and innovative education and expand Australia wide
 Provide innovative services to improve the overall quality of education
 Create an online learning environment for students so they can study and learn
anytime from any device
Our Mission
 Provide quality education to the student that can lead to an employment outcome
 Improve the skills of staff and trainers to manage the student’s queries
 Improve student data recording system

Strategic Direction
We have begun to develop a reputation as a provider of quality education and training, it
proposes to further develop the organisation by expanding its course offerings, upgrade
facilities and further diversify its student cohort over the next three years.
Our keys to success:
Recruit, develop and retain knowledgeable, dedicated and positive staff Source students from a broader spectrum of community groups:
to assist in building the foundation skills of working-age Australians to enable them to participate more fully in society and the workforce
Develop a new stream of courses to further build our offerings to students
Focus on building new, strong and reputable partnerships from which we can recruit genuine students
Business Plan
 The market clearly and in a focussed manner to our chosen markets to ensure we
maintain a high level of student admissions in line with the number of applications we
 Diversify our market to include short courses
 Maintain our awareness of current and future learning methods and trends
 Prepare a learning management system
 Improve student data recording process
Customer/student and staff complaints overview:
 Need an online platform to study the subject
 The student file system is outdated and needs the electronic option
 The administration is resolving queries
 Wi-Fi speed is low and able to connect most of the time
Organisation Background              
Name of the Organisation  
Review existing information that inform new concept development  
Identify areas for improvements, organisation needs and create a new concept:  
<< Summarise issues within the organisation and create a new concept to solve the problem >>                
Research the major issues and come up with solutions  
<< Summarise the different solutions to solve the business problem>>              
SWOT analysis          
Identify and list positive and negative factors that can affect the solution  
 << List factors that can affect the solution>>          
  Identify the advantages and disadvantages of new solution                        
Team player requirements                    
Target audience  
<<Identify and describe the target audience who will benefit from addressing the identified need. >>            
Describe six broad ideas for addressing the need you identified                        
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