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Biology Pharmacology Assignment

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Akash is a 64-year-old, South East Asian male from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, who comes to the Emergency Department with his wife of 22 years. Akash has been complaining of nausea and vomiting over the last 2-3 days, and his wife states he seems confused at times. His blood sugar on arrival to the department reads 19.6 mmol/L. Akash has already been started on regular insulin (Humulin R) via the SQ route, and he will be admitted for further investigation and diagnostic purposes. This is a new diagnosis of diabetes for Akash, and he is very anxious. Akash is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 181 kgs. He reports no form of regular exercise or a special diet. Akashs diet entails carbohydrate-dense foods and high glycemic index beverages. For over the past four months, his wife has noticed that Akash has been thirsty and goes to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes.

What is the role of Insulin in type 2 diabetes

Drawing up two different types of insulin is a common practice. How would you educate Akash and his wife on the correct process for performing this procedure?

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