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Best Electrical Student Project Discussion

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Which final year project is best for electrical engineering student? Kindly select from the options that are given below and explain why:

Use APA FORMAT, Double Spaced, Give references where possible

  1. tesla transformer
  2. magnifying transmitter
  3. tesla wireless system
  4. art of individualization
  5. terrestrial stationary waves
  6. water turbine
  7. turbine
  8. ac motor
  9. tesla coil
  10. electrodeless vacuum tubes
  11. alternating system of power transmission
  12. tesla magnifying transmitter
  13. permanent magnet dc motor
  14. 3 phase 4 pole ac induction motor
  15. nikola tesla flying machine
  16. nikola tesla dynamos in which he uses magnests
  17. E-motorbike
  18. nikola tesla automatic regulators
  19. telephone repeater and amplifier
  20. rotating magnetic field
  21. hudraulic principle

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