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For this assignment you will articulate your behavior management philosophy by creating a presentation on your beliefs and practices for addressing whole class and individual behavior management in your current or preferred classroom environment. The presentation should be designed for an audience of a recently assigned co-teacher or paraprofessional who will be collaborating with you in your classroom (current classroom or preferred). The presentation should include:

  1. Class Description (current or preferred)
    1. Grade level
    1. Number of students
    1. Exceptionalities represented, including a discussion demonstrating understanding of how exceptionalities may interact with development and learning.
    1. Other diversity represented, including a discussion demonstrating understanding of how language, culture, and family background influence the learning of individuals within the classroom.
  • Philosophy of Behavior Management:
    • Clearly articulate your philosophy on whole-class and individual behavior management and discuss the research and theory informing your beliefs.
      • How you will create a safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment that fosters positive social interactions and individual well-being?
      • What are your beliefs about the relationship between motivation, behavior, and academics?
      • How will you explain/define the concept of “fairness” in your classroom?
      • How will you set up your classroom and how does your philosophy inform the physical layout of the classroom?
  • Core Components
    • Classroom rules
    • Classroom procedures
    • System of rewards and consequences (tiered)
    • Record keeping system
  •  Collaboration
    • Explain how you will communicate and collaborate with other educators (e.g., co-teachers, paraprofessionals, other teachers (e.g., art, music, etc.) and related service provides to ensure consistency and implementation fidelity across settings.
  • Communication
    • Explain the system for ongoing communication between school and home about individual student behavior.
    • Include an example of your initial letter home to parents briefly explaining:
      • Your behavior management philosophy
      • How whole class and individual behavior will be addressed in the classroom
      • How information about student behavior will be communicated throughout the year
  • Laws
    • Summarize the laws and policies that impact decisions about students with disabilities including IDEA, FAPE, MDR, and LRE.

The presentation must follow current APA formatting standards and include a minimum of 20 slides and at least 5 references/in-text citations

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