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Behavior Health Reflection Journal

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Please read below and answer the following questions. Specific instructions are at the
end of the questions
● What do you think about being on a locked psychiatric unit? How does this
make you feel?
● Explain your view of psychiatric care? Is this influenced by personal and
professional experiences, the media, literature?
● Expound on you want to learn from this course?
● Describe What are worried or anxious about.
● Think about your own mental health, how do you keep yourself healthy?
● Also include anything else you feel is relevant to this course and your learning
The reflection assignment should be a minimum of three pages in length.

Provide APA citation, within 5 year references. Provide plagiarism

What is reflective journaling?
The purpose of your journal is to provide you with an opportunity to think out loud on
paper, reflecting your own perceptions and understanding of situations you encounter.
Its focus is on your experiences as related to the course content, and your personal
goals. Describe what you have learner by analyzing and evaluating the clinical
experience according to the theories and concepts learned in theory as well as in
previous courses.
Journaling serves as an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills through

Do not include a nursing care plan, interventions and a synopsis of your client/nursing
care unless this is relevant to your journal discussion.

This is about your thought, feelings and reactions to the clinical experience. Your instructor already knows about your assigned patient and nursing care. Identify the times you have used caring practices in your nursing interactions and interventions.
Journaling provides the opportunity to suspend judgment to be very subjective and to
analyze and evaluate thoughts and personal reactions. The journal is a very important
part of this course. You are encouraged to be open about your feelings about the
course, your clinical experiences and your life situation as it affects your nursing care.
All journal discussions are confidential

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