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Autism Spectrum Disorder Discussion

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Discussion


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Introduction. 2

Background. 2

Objective. 3

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This paper explains the Autism spectrum disorder and includes the risk factors associated with the disease. The aim of this study is to determine the potential risk factors associated with autism spectrum disorder in the children aged between 3-13 years. Autism spectrum disorder can be considered as the disorder in which the brain’s development is impacted in children. This disorder can be separated from the condition of Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. The condition generally begins in early childhood in children and eventually causes problems in functioning in a social setting. The signs and symptoms of this disorder sometimes affect children when they are in an infant stage and these signs can include reduction in eye contact, lack of responsiveness, etc. (Grove et al., 2019).


Autism Spectrum disorder generally affects the social skills in a child which affects the communication skills. The eye contact in children becomes poor and the children lack  of facial expression. The children in this stage repeat words and do not understand the use of these terms. The children perform repetitive behavior and can cause self-harm to themselves.


The condition has many causes such as genetics, environmental factors, etc. The risk factors of the disorder are sex of the child. Boys are seen to be getting more affected by the disease as compared to girls. Family history can also lead to the prevalence of disease in children. Other conditions like sclerosis, fragile x syndrome, inherited disorder can cause the disease in children. The disease is also seen to be prevalent in preterm babies and the parents’ ages.  There is no known way to prevent autism, but many interventions are introduced to reduce the prevalence of disease in children (Granillo et al., 2019).







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