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Australian Healthcare System PSA104 Assignment

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Australian Healthcare System PSA104 Assignment

A digital presentation that must be completed in groups. You will be allocated to a group by your Learning Facilitator.
For more details, please read the Task Instructions below.

Word Count 1500 words

Numerous historical and contemporary issues affect the delivery of quality health care in Australia. Also, there are many legal and ethical guidelines, State, Federal and private governing bodies, codes of practice, fields of development and modes of funding. Therefore, it is important for nurses to both understand and stay current in their knowledge of these elements. This assessment allows you the opportunity to research and present a summary of the health care system in Australia, including funding, factors affecting health, laws, and
legislations that impact the nursing profession.
                                                                           Task Instructions
Digital Presentation: Australian Healthcare System PSA104 Assignment
To complete this assessment, you must work as a group to prepare a digital presentation. This presentation should include responses to each point listed below. You must
number the questions as per the brief in your presentation and each member of the group is required to identify the questions they have been allocated within the group.
You may use software like PowerPoint, Prezi, Visme, Keynote, Slides or ‘Slidebean’ to compile your assessment. But it must be submitted as a pdf.

Your presentation should be no longer than 30 slides.
As this is a group assessment, only one presentation should be submitted per group.
Read each question carefully and answer within the word limit as directed within the question.
Refer to the Modules 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1 and 5.2. Use the Essential readings to assist in answering the questions and the ‘Hints” provided.
This assessment does not require the use of introductions and/or conclusions. You should answer the questions using good sentence structure, appropriate grammar and
spelling and avoid the use of acronyms and/or abbreviations

• All items must be satisfactorily answered / addressed / completed for you to achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ outcome for this assessment.
• Please note that this is one assessment from the range of assessment tasks you will complete. You must complete all assessment tasks in this subject. Please refer to your
subject outline for information on the other assessment tasks.
• Clear, constructive, and accurate feedback will be given to you on your results and performance
• The assessment items you submit will be retained by the college as evidence of your performance. College Policies and Procedures relating to assessments, and associated
forms, are available via
                                                                             Submission Instructions
Submit your final response via the Assessment 2 link in the main navigation menu in the PSA104 subject page. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade
Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

It is essential that you use the appropriate style for citing and referencing research.
Please see more information on referencing here in the Academic Writing Guide found via the Academic Skills website. For this assessment you are required to use in-text
citations in the body of your answers and a reference list at the end of the assessment. References are not included in the word count. APA FORMAT

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