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Assistance of community health worker

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Disaster can have a vital impact on the lives of people in every domain of society. Contextually, when a disaster takes place, it destroys assets, the physical health of people, and others. Moreover, psychological destruction due to any natural and manmade disaster is being considered as one of the most significant and vital impact over the people within a particular community. It has been observed that due to particular disasters people primarily get emotionally affected. The approach of disaster management most of the time fails to assist people in overcoming the losses including emotional trauma and other kinds of emotional distress due to a high level of disaster (Act alliances, n.d).

In this context, people need the support of spiritual care to overcome the aftereffects of any particular disaster. It has been observed that during any particular disaster, several communities of people and diverse cross-sectional individuals are seeking the assistance of spiritual care. It will be worth mentioning that these faith-based organizations are showing an additional contribution towards providing spiritual care to those people who are in need of the same. Spirituality also refers to the aspect where one individual requires the support of extraordinary human care. Spirituality is believed to help people in ensuring early recovery from any kind of mental trauma (National Disaster Interfaith Network, n.d).

From the middle age period, the faith community leaders were playing active participation towards disaster management. They always try to provide proper care to affected people. However, spiritual care or guidance that has been provided to the people is entirely dependent on the human experiences and believe (Boschman, 2011). Spiritual care can also be regarded as essential care that has been used for providing the patients with holistic care by nurses (Rieg, Mason & Preston, 2006). In the case of providing spiritual care, nurses should focus upon few dimensions of spiritual treatments. During diagnosis, nurses need to recognize the strengths of the patients and evaluate the actual problem of the patients. After that nurses should provide holistic care to further help them in quick recovery (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2015).
Using 200-300 APA format with references to support this discussion.

 What spiritual considerations surrounding a disaster can arise for individuals, communities, and health care providers? Explain your answer in the context of a natural or manmade disaster. How can a community health nurse assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues?  

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