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Assignment on Risk Identification and Analysis

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About the Assignment
Students will evaluate project information from an adapted business situation and identify risks relevant to
the scenario. Using standards covered in the course, risks will be identified, analyzed and prioritized
referring to the risk management tools provided.
This is an individual assignment, students are expected to generate their work individually by
performing the following steps:

  1. Review the case information provided. This includes 2 documents:
    • Risk Register Case Minutes
    • Risk Register Case Background Information
  2. Using the risk register provided:
    • Generate 5 risks relevant to the case
    • 3 must have EMV values (cost, duration or both)
    • 1 must be a risk opportunity
  3. Fill in all fields (risk statement to category) and remember to include your calculations for the EMV
    Cost and EMV Duration. If no cost or duration impact, specify why.
  4. Hand in risk register only (not the instructions)
  5. Double check your work before the assignment is submitted.
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