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Assess Insurance Coverage And Policy Types

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Assignment Prompt:

Your assignment this week focuses on vehicle insurance coverage in your current (or your home) state (or country) and one other state of your choosing.  The following elements should be thoroughly researched and reported on in this ess:

  • What personal and state factors are used to decide vehicle insurance coverages and rates? 
  • What minimum auto insurance must you carry by law in your state and one additional state? You will find state-by-state minimum car insurance data at The Balance Website.  
  • Have you decided to carry any insurance over the minimum requirements, and why or why not? 
  • How do average annual vehicle insurance rates (costs per vehicle) in your state compare the other state you have chosen?
  • Vehicle insurance rates are partially based on the rates of accidents, injuries, and deaths in your state. Report on your and one other state’s statistics.  A good resource to use is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • What optional insurance coverages are available to purchase, and which have you chosen and why?
  • What do you pay for car insurance per month, and have you learned any ways to reduce your premium?

Assignment Instructions:

Write a minimum 2 to 4 page , excluding title and reference pages. Use the template provided.Follow APA format and include a title page, short introduction, conclusion or summation at the end of the ess, APA in-text citations, and a minimum of one reference (not Wikipedia or Investopedia) that you cite in the narrative section as support for one or points you want to make. See the attached PPT file for how to properly cite and reference using APA 7. Please review the IRubric to know how your professor will grade your work.

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