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Art Theatre and Film Assignment

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The turn of the 18th century was known in Paris as the “Belle Époque” or “Beautiful Age” due to the growth of democratic systems of government combined with the economic benefits of the Industrial Revolution and Scientific Advancement. Those who benefited from the changes shared a sense of optimism, while the specter of war and economic inequality led others to fear and resentment (Chapter 18/Module 2). The arts and artists expressed these same positive and negative cultural effects through their art forms showing either optimism and escape or pessimism and disillusionment/alienation.

Choose a work from each of the disciplines (art, literature AND music) and show how the work illustrates either the positive effects (optimism, escape and/or scientific advancement) of the beautiful age or the negative effects (pessimism and disillusionment/alienation). Be specific and refer to the positive and negative developments of the age in your essay. Your essay should be 500-750 words. Be sure to support your response with specific examples taken from Chapter 18 in your textbook, the Listening Guides, and the Module 2 interactive guides. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST TWO OF THE PROVIDED RESOURCES. Unsupported examples will receive little or no credit. Document quotations and paraphrases (MLA format), and include a Works Cited page. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES OTHER THAN THOSE PROVIDED ON BLACKBOARD. Follow standard essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs—one for each discipline—and conclusion).

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