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Analysis of The New Jim Crow

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Alexander, M. (2012). The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. New York, NY: The New Press. ISBN-13: 978-1595586438.


Analyze Chapters 1 & 3 of above listed book The analysis should be at least three pages and must answer the following:

1. What are the title, author, source, and date of publication? Make a one- to two-sentence summary of the work.

2. What is the key issue or point the author is trying to address in the chapter? 3. What facts, experiences, and data does author use to support their point?

4. Are the main inferences and /or conclusions in the text closely related to the facts and supported by the facts?

5. What are assumptions underlying the author’s thinking?

6. What results are likely to follow from the author’s line of reasoning?

7. What results are likely to follow if people ignore the author’s line of reasoning?

8. How does the author affect your concepts of leadership in policymaking? Will you incorporate the information you read or do you reject it? Using facts and data, state your reasons why?

9. Discuss the success or failure of the author to convince the reader. Do you find this work significant? How has it affected you, in terms of your leadership plan?

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