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American Slavery Assignment

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1) What do you think about Barnes’ Answer to the question?? Why is it important for Americans today to discuss the topic of slavery?
It is essential for everyone, not just Americans, to discuss slavery and its effects on people of color. Knowing your past is ideal for making a better future for all people. Slavery has always been and always will be associated with racism because white people claim to be the superior race to any other group.

Many slaves were taken from their homelands and forced into servitude in America. More than four million slaves were stolen from their original lands and traded for other goods in America. Saying that, America has the largest slavery group in the world. Eight of ten Americans say that the situation of individuals of color in current America is a very serious situation. Of this, around 59% of people state that the tradition of servitude influences the individuals of colors’ status in America’s culture is serious (Acharya, Blackwell, & Sen, 2016).

Furthermore, the study also states that four out of ten Americans say that white America has not given people of color the same equal rights as those who are white (Acharya, Blackwell, & Sen, 2016). Til this day, slavery still influences how people think, the locations where certain groups of people are forced to live, the job force and paychecks, a whites person’s regard towards those of color, and sadly – numerous other racial reasons.

These reasons alone should encourage people of color to continue to fight for the equality of rights. As we all know, slavery is still alive today and going strong in America nearly 150 years after it was supposed to have ended. There is no way to compute how many slaves there are in this nation today, but some experts say that the number is in the hundreds of thousands and rising. When you say that all men were created equal, this is not nearly a true statement.

In order to have change, change must first come with the rearranging within the constitution. It is a known fact that people of color created America, but America is not for people of color. This land was stolen from people of color. So no, I haven’t learned anything new with the research that I have done because nothing has changed over a significant amount of years.

Acharya, A., Blackwell, M., & Sen, M. (2016). The political legacy of American slavery. The Journal of Politics, 78(3), 621-641.
2) What do you think about Sovine’s Answer to the question?? Why is it important for Americans today to discuss the topic of slavery?

I feel that it is important for Americans to discuss slavery. The reason is because, no matter how much we hate it, it is a part of our history. If history were to ever be erased, then it would just be doomed to repeat itself.
In 1860, the United States had the largest slave society in the America’s. The total number of people in bondage was almost 4 million. Many experts believe there are hundreds of thousands of slaves, still today. However, there is no way to enumerate an exact number. Today, slavery produces and estimated revenue of $95 billion annually across the globe (Stevenson B., 2013)

In the United States, slavery began in the 17th Century. Settlers were in search of cheaper labor for the tobacco, cotton, and rice fields. The first African slaves were brought to Jamestown by a Dutch ship. Over a 200 year span, an approximate hundreds of thousands of slaves were brought from Africa.
Also sold into slavery, were the Irish. The Irish slave trade began after James II sold around 30,000 Irish to America. Ireland became the biggest source of human livestock for the English merchants.

In the years 1641 to 1652, approximately 500,000 Irish were killed by the English. Approximately 300,000 were sold as slaves. Many avoid calling them slaves. They tend to claim they were “indentured servants.” But in most cases, the Irish were nothing more than human cattle (Martin J., 2008)

I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but African Americans weren’t the only slaves. What I do believe is that slavery is wrong. No matter what nationality, race, or religion it pertains to. I didn’t learn anything new from my research because this was stuff that I already knew about.

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