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American Education Social Injustice

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Have a thesis statement constructed by 4:00 PM, US Eastern Standard Time, on Wednesday, Jul. 7th, 2021. A rough draft must be completed by 8:00 AM, US Eastern Standard Time, on Sunday, Jul. 10th, 2021 and the final draft should be finished by 6:00 AM, US Eastern Standard Time, on Thurs. Jul. 15th. These are hard deadlines, so appropriate work submissions well before them, if possible will be greatly appreciated! The finished product needs to be a minimum of 5 paragraphs, with at least 5-8 sentences each. Read all the articles below and use them, accordingly, to support your arguments. 

  • “Why American Schools Are Even More Unequal Than We Thought”
  • “School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson”
  • “The Good News About Educational Inequality”
  • “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here”
  • “Grade Inflation Gone Wild”
  • “The Other College Scandal”


You have TWO CHOICES for this assignment; CHOOSE ONE! 

OPTION 1: Consider Mark Edmundson’s claims alongside the ideas raised in “Grade Inflation Gone Wild” and “Doesn’t Anyone Get…” Write concerning these author’s complaints and proposals about an improved educational experience to advance your own argument for a “real education” that includes an evaluation you believe is fair and useful.

OPTION 2: Nikole Hannah-Jones shares a concern with Susan Dynarski and Sean Reardon, Jane Waldfogel and Daphna Bassok, all of whom examine the impact of economic inequality on children’s educations. Perhaps beginning with Hannah-Jones’s paragraph 8 as a helpful starting point, bring together these three authors ideas on the multiple aspects of persistent poverty that keep students from accessing meaningful education. Analyze the ways these authors frame the problems and solutions, and assert your own position about what changes can—or should—be made, while addressing the challenges described in these readings.

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