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Introduction to Gerontology

Assignment: Reflection on Aging: My Life Portfolio

In 1200 words and using supportive research from your text (or other Canadian scholarly sources from  the last 5 years)  develop and include the following in  your Portfolio with in text citation using APA support from your text/other scholarly sources for all aspects of your Portfolio

  • Provide a brief Introduction or background paragraph about your approach to developing your Portfolio.
  • Think about your personal Life Portfolio and what your goals are for the following
  1. Choose and Discuss

Three (3) of the following portfolio aspects and describe at least 1 or more reasons for your  choices   using a reference from your text  for each choice (total of 3 references) from the following

A  Family Commitments

                        B  Community Service

C  Spiritual Development

D  Life- Long Learning,

E  Creativity,

F  Work

G  Leisure

H  Legacy Planning in Retirement and Older Age.

    2.   Choose and Discuss

Three (3) factors  from the list below that we have covered in the lessons and text chapter readings that will influence/have a role in achieving  your personal goals  for your Life Portfolio to achieve your preferred life in older age and supporting with a reference for each from your text (total of 3 references)

  • Culture
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Economics/Finances
  • Housing
  • transportation

  3.  Describe and Discuss

          Three (3) strategies you will adopt now to support the success of your future Life Portfolio and support with a reference for each(total of 3 references)

Assignment Guidelines, rubric and WHAT Your Portfolio Should LOOK LIKE  

  1. Review carefully the Reflection Portfolio paper Guidelines and Rubric following the guidelines to understand the criteria for your paper based on the assignment guidelines and requirements and how your Portfolio will be graded. Build your Portfolio by following the guidelines and rubric carefully
  2. The first page should be your title page-see the sample cover page below following the rubric.
  3. The second page should be the contract -see the contract copy below. When you sign the contract, it means you have read and understood the content of the contract and that you have not plagiarized your assignment.
  4. Provide an Introduction  paragraph to your Portfolio. Be brief and concise.
  5. Portfolio Documentation
  6. Your Portfolio should be written in an essay/paragraph format-avoid listing your information and use Word.
  7. Read the document, “ How to write the paper” in the course before you submit your paper.
  8. Use double spacing.
  9. Be sure to do a spell check and grammar scan before submitting your assignment -see your word toolbar.
  10. Length should be 1200 words  -excluding the title page, contract, and reference list.
  11. Be sure to count the words, using the word count tool-see you Word tool bar-
  12. See the sample Title Page and Contract/ Signature document(see Week 1 Assignments  for your Assignment following the Cyber Plagiarism info below.)
  13. References -In Text Citation and Reference List
  14. Cite your references in the text accurately (avoid listing sources at the end of paragraphs).
  15. Cite sources in the text of your Portfolio with APA formatting exactly where you use them (author ,date)
  16.  Sources used in the text of your assignment must be the same/match  as those seen in your reference list. See your Word sources, click on References, insert citation, and select APA style. All assignments require research citation and when citation is not provided, this is considered plagiarism and a Breach of Academic Integrity will be filed to Sheridan. If you are unsure about some citations, review Week 1 Lesson 1 Academic Integrity and review the Library sources found in Week 1 resources and at the centre top of your home page and read 2-3 pages of your textbook to see how to cite references.(author, date) as a review.
  17. Provide a brief Summary paragraph of your Portfolio and support your assertions with references.
  18. Follow your summary with a Reference List that includes the full citations for all references cited in the text of your Portfolio according to APA
  19. Submit your paper to your Reflection Portfolio Paper Assignments drop box where your Originality score/ percentage will be automatically generated.
  20. Pay attention to your Turnitin Originality score in the Assignments drop box to see how original your paper is.  A score of 30 % or less is acceptable and indicates your Originality
  21. Usually the lower your score is the more original your paper is.  Scores are reduced by using more of your own words and using less quotes from your sources. Resubmit your paper as often as needed to the drop box to reduce/achieve your score.
  22. Portfolios with scores 30 % or less only are accepted for grading.
  23.   Portfolios will only be accepted on the due date.  No late entries for this assignment are accepted.
  24. Portfolios must be submitted to the Assessments-Assignments – Portfolio drop box for grading where the rubric is attached and where your paper will be graded. Note emailed assignments are not accepted and must be in the Assignments (drop box) to receive a grade.
  25. Good luck with your Portfolio assignment!

What is CyberPlagiarism? opyright.aspx

 “Cyber-plagiarism” is the term used to describe the process by which students either copy ideas found on the Web without giving proper attribution, or the process by which students download research papers from the Web, in whole or in part, and submit the paper as original work. The phenomenon of cyber-plagiarism is affecting colleges and universities around the globe.

(University of Alberta Libraries)

Example of cyber-plagiarism: From a past student’s paper

These findings are inconsistent with the notion that old age has a universal negative influence on social connectedness. Instead, life course factors have divergent consequences for different forms of social connectedness. Some later life transitions, like retirement and bereavement, may prompt greater connectedness. (Professor’s comment. These two sentences were copied word for word and were not cited from this source

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