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Advocating for Legislation Assignment

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Advocating for Legislation Assignment


As you begin to research the issues that are of most interest to you and important to your
community (e.g. water contamination, opioid epidemic, homelessness, etc.), think of your
role as an advocate to help facilitate changes in policy and legislation.
Now that you have researched a bill of interest and were an activist for this important
community related issue with your political representative through formal letter writing,
share this same topic with your peers in this discussion. It is very important to understand
the bill and all of the important aspects and implications if passed or not passed. Also, think
about other ways you, as an advocate, could move this initiative forward. Advocating for Legislation Assignment.

Introduce the bill of interest. (I’m living in NY) ○ Include the title of bill, appropriate Assembly and/or Senate number.

Discuss where the bill currently is in the legislative process, what is next.

Summarize the bill in terms of socio-cultural, economic, political, and legal variables, its implications, its importance if passed. Discuss who the bill will benefit/exclude? How will the stakeholders (community members/society) be affected if the bill does/does not pass.

  1. Explain why this legislation is of interest/importance to you and your community. Support your explanations with relevant information from at least two scholarly journal articles. Discuss where the bill currently is in the legislative process, what is happening, and what is next.
  2. Examine the connections between the policy and the initiatives you would take to influence legislative action either for or against the bill.

Explain how one or more of the provisions, found in the Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses (2015), were the foundation that shaped your responsibilities, as a professional nurse, in the advocacy process. APA FORMAT

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